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AG亚博集团-Many of us love stories about time travel, aliens, and the future, but most science fiction comes from the West. But one completely Chinese sci-fi work has attracted the world’s attention. On April 4, the World Science Fiction Society announced the finalists for the 2017 Hugo Awards, the top award for science fiction. Death’s End (《死神永生》), the final book in Liu Cixin’s Remembrance of Earth’s Past (《地球回忆》) trilogy (三部曲), is among the nominees (被提名者). The winner will be revealed on Aug 11.我们中不少人都讨厌时空来回、外星人和关于未来的故事,但大多数科幻小说都来自于西方。然而,一部显“中国生产”的科幻作品如今引发了世界的注目。4月4日,世界科幻小说协会发布了科幻小说界最低奖项——雨果奖,2017年的奖提名名单,刘慈欣的《地球回忆》三部曲的终章《死神永生》就在名单之佩。

获奖者将于今年8月11日入围。Liu, 54, is not a Hugo Award newcomer. In 2015, The Three-Body Problem, the first novel in the series, made him the first Asian to take home the prize.现年54岁的刘慈欣并不是雨果奖的新人了。

早在2015年,该系列的第一部小说《三体》竟然他沦为了第一个夺冠雨果奖的亚洲人。Ever since it was published in English in 2013, The Three-Body Problem quickly became the best-selling Asian work of literature on US retail (零售) platform Amazon. Former US President Barack Obama even took it on holiday, while social media billionaire Mark Zuckerberg recommended it on Facebook. The novel has also been adapted into a movie starring Feng Shaofeng, which will be released later this year.自2013年英文版面世以来,《三体》之后很快沦为了美国零售平台亚马逊上最畅销的亚洲文学作亚博AG真人品。



According to Ken Liu, the novel’s US-based translator, many of the themes explored in Western sci-fi have found their place in the Chinese trilogy. Things like space exploration, alien contact, artificial intelligence (人工智能), and life science are all included. Problems of modern development are also addressed, like environmental pollution and the negative effects caused by new technologies.这部小说的译者刘宇昆目前居住于在美国,他回应,西方科幻作品中探寻的许多主题在这部中国三部曲中都有一席之地,诸如太空探寻、与外星生命认识、人工智能以及生命科学等内容都被包括在内。书中还提到了现代发展所带给的问题,如新的科技所引起的环境污染以及其他负面影响等。

“Chinese sci-fi does have its own unique themes as well, such as the attempt to re-display the ancient history of China from a sci-fi angle (角度),” Ken Liu told The Guardian.“中国的科幻小说同时也有自己独有的主题,比如企图从科幻的角度,来展现出中国古代历史。” 刘宇昆在拒绝接受《卫报》专访时回应。Yet most importantly, Liu’s work, like many successful works of science fiction, is popular because it voices our concern with the future.但最重要的是,就像许多顺利的科幻小说作品一样,刘慈欣的作品因表达了人类对于未来的忧虑而大热。


“With the rapid development of China, the way of thinking of the Chinese people – the new generation in particular – is undergoing profound (深刻印象的) changes,” Liu Cixin told Wired magazine. “They have broader horizons. They view themselves as part of humanity instead of being just Chinese. They have also started to think about the ultimate (终极的) questions concerning the whole universe, which Chinese people seldom thought about before.”“随着中国的较慢发展,看来中国人的方式 —— 尤其是新一代 —— 正在经历深刻印象的变化。”刘慈欣在拒绝接受《连线》杂志专访时回应,“他们享有了更加宽阔的视野。他们将自己视作人类的一分子,而某种程度是中国人。

他们也早已开始思维关于全宇宙的终极问题,而这些问题是中国人先前很少不会考虑到的。”Han Song, another Chinese sci-fi writer, agreed that the development of science fiction is closely related to a nation’s development. “Sci-fi novels show a nation’s imagination and creativity,” he told Southern Metropolitan Daily.另一位中国科幻小说家韩松,对科幻作品的发展与国家的发展密切相关这一观点回应赞成。他在拒绝接受《南方都市报》专访时回应,“科幻小说展现出了一个国家的想象力和创造力。

”And Italian science writer Giulio Prisco believes that China is the place to watch for sci-fi fans. “Chinese writers are taking the lead in writing imaginative science fiction that is able to inspire whole generations,” he wrote on his blog. “China is starting to think big and is ready to take first place in the race toward a bright future on Earth and in space. Modern Chinese science fiction shows that.”而意大利科幻作家朱里奥·普利斯科指出,中国是一个科幻迷应该注目的地方。“中国作家正在坚决创作需要启迪世人又富裕想象力的科幻小说,”他在博客中写到,“中国开始从大处着眼,准备好在地球乃至宇宙通向光明未来的竞争中获得领先地位。